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The Problem

Fragmentation has always been a complex challenge for healthcare systems around the world, leading to a lack of continuity of care.
Now more than ever we need to evolve and Latin America is at the right moments, with a healthcare coverage of almost 100% of the population and an emerging innovation ecosystem capable of leading the transformation.

Open Innovation Challenge

Do you have a high-impact venture with the ability to solve challenges in the health sector?

Learn about the challenge that Movimiento Salud 2030 has for you, apply before January 31, 2022.

Ancla 1


How to obtain a holistic view of the patient with cardiovascular risk through remote monitoring, the integration of their information and greater knowledge of their care path to evaluate and classify them according to their profile, thus preventing further complications?

View our research documents

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Argentina Innovation Challenges

Read more about our innovation challenges on our public miro board. You can use this information  to solve it for when applying for the open innovation challenge.

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Care Continuity Research Report

Download our full research report on the state of care continuity in Argentina. There are 6 prioritized areas of opportunity related to critical painpoints in the patient journey, and are ripe for systemic innovation.

Learn more about the problem space and how these challenge were formed in our full reports.

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Nuestro Nodo

Brendra Walter, Coordinadora Senior, de nuestro aliado estratégico en Argentina, la Fundación Bunge & Born, quien nos cuenta cuáles son las oportunidades para mejorar el acceso a la salud, a través de la colaboración entre sectores y el desarrollo de nuevas soluciones digitales.


Relive our virtual meeting where we explain the program, we talk about the context and the importance of innovation in the health system in Argentina. Our Health Movement 2030 team, in collaboration with the Bunge y Born Foundation, resolved some doubts about the call for the Open Innovation Challenge. 

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Frequent questions

When the call closes?

You have a deadline to upload your application until January 31 2022

What are the benefits of the program?

You could develop your solution in the co-creation phase with partner institutions at an accelerated pace, receive personalized mentoring with experts and explore new ways to grow and connect with entrepreneurs in the region and co-create solutions with them.

We're offering

4-week co-creation program
Mentorship and master class with experts
Share experiences and learn from entrepreneurs

Open Innovation Process


Application process open to the public, submission of online application for the review process and selection of finalists.

Collaborative work partner institutions and entrepreneurs to evolve and integrate solutions to achieve systemic impact.

Testing of minimum viable products in partner institutions, business case development and pilot development plan.

Implementation of comprehensive solutions in partner institutions, measurement of results and impact.

Opportunity to scale with new allies, impact investment and organic growth of solutions.

Application form

Proof of concept

Validated MVP

Pilots implemented

Systemic impact

The call for Argentina is now close, leave us your information and be the first to know about the Open Innovation challenge for other countries,

If you want to apply you must take into account ...

We are looking for businesses that are growing, established in ArgentinaThat they have previous experience and implementation capacity.

Explain how the solution solves the challenge and how it can evolve to provide a holistic and systemic response to needs.

They do not necessarily have to apply with already built solutions. They are invited to present new solutions that solve the challenges presented.

Review your application and see if you can apply for more than 1 challenge with the same solution, make sure to send each application separately.

Evaluation criteria


The solution solves the challenge and the entrepreneur understands the problem well.


The solution creates new and better healthcare systems in place of incremental optimizations of the existing system.


The solution has the potential to scale in Latin America.

The solution is designed from empathy, always thinking of people.

The solution solves the challenge in a novel or creative way. There are currently no similar solutions on the market.

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