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The Problem

Fragmentation has always been a complex challenge for healthcare systems around the world, leading to a lack of continuity of care.
Now more than ever we need to evolve and Latin America is at the right moments, with a healthcare coverage of almost 100% of the population and an emerging innovation ecosystem capable of leading the transformation.

Open Innovation Challenge

Open Innovation Challenge

Do you have a high-impact venture with the ability to solve challenges in the health sector? Learn about the different challenges that Movimiento Salud 2030 has for you, apply before September 5, 2021.




How can we empower citizens and communities with education, information and access to technology so that they can take care of their health, from prevention to treatment of disease?


Meet the entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs are working, together with partner institutions, in the integration of their solutions to impact the general experience of patients, specialists, nurses and administrative personnel.


Collaborative platform that integrates everyone's information healthcare providers, both in the system public and private and patient input. Based on SIKU's capabilities and vast experience in the field of digital health, seeks to improve the decision-making of healthcare professionals and create a smooth and informed journey for patients no matter where they receive care.

IoT Central.png

Platform designed to integrate and orchestrate health care information from different sources, based on Nextcurve capabilities. Monitoring the health conditions of patients in an intuitive, easy and automated way, allowing all stakeholders, including the patient and caregiver, to prevent complications and act immediately in the event of critical events.


Technology that allows transactional communication between people with hearing disabilities and health professionals, allowing each of them, with their own application, to connect. In addition, they have a standard chat, an animated avatar that goes from Spanish to LESCO, a configurable set of quick accesses to the most used services and visual aids in LESCO.

To farma.png

Platform that offers patients information about their treatment and therapeutic monitoring, through an application that connects them with pharmacists to advise them on their treatment. It allows the collection of information on the progress of the patient's health according to their diagnosis and makes it available to the corresponding health professional.


Application that connects doctors, patients and pharmacies, allowing you to send a digital prescription. This solution aims to simplify the patient's experience by validating the digital prescription with their personal health information (Huli Vida app), exploring availability, prices with different pharmacies, and ordering them to be delivered at home.

Why participate in our program?

We're offering
Develop your idea
Receive expertise and mentorship
Expand your networking

Evaluation criteria

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 12.47.32

The solution solves the challenge in a novel or creative way. There are currently no similar solutions on the market.

The solution creates new and better healthcare systems in place of incremental optimizations of the existing system.


The solution solves the challenge and the entrepreneur understands the problem well.


The solution has the potential to scale in Latin America.


The solution is designed from empathy, always thinking of people.


Open Innovation Process


Costa Rica's open innovation challenge follows the timeline outlined below.

Linea de proceso 2_Mesa de trabajo 1.png
Application process open to the public
Development and evaluation of the solution together with partners
Validation of the solution, iteration and planning of the pilot
  • Online application submission

  • Selection process

  • Finalists Announcement

  • Personalization of the program for the selected ones

  • Advice on the development or adaptation of the solution

  • Evaluation with partners and viability of the solution in the market

  • Selection for the next stage

  • Preparation for deployment 

  • Definition of the pilot

  • Business case preparation

  • Be part of the community of health entrepreneurs

  • Start being part of the MS2030 network for the next events

  • Access to content

  • Personalized access to mentors and experts

  • Visibility of events and publications

  • Connection with the LATAM innovation and entrepreneurship network

  • Opportunities to implement the pilot

  • Visibility at the LATAM level

  • Access to investment in the solution

  • Opportunity to grow your solution at an accelerated pace

Requirements to apply

We are looking for businesses that are already established in Costa Rica. Therefore you must be incorporated as a company

The solution can be a concept, however we are looking for businesses that already have the capabilities to implement in less than a year and that already have experience developing solutions from start to finish

Make sure that your solution applies to the challenge we are proposing, and explain how it solve it.

You can apply with more than one solution, however, each one must go in a different form. One solution is different from another when the business model changes. If your solution applies to both challenges, you only need to submit one application.

Before applying you have to know ...

View our research documents

patien journey.png

Patient Journey Maps

The Costa Rica challenge focuses on two critical pathologies - cancer and acute myocardial heart attack. We have created patient journey maps from pre-diagnosis through treatment to co-existing with the disease. 


Costa Rica Innovation Challenges

Read more about each of the two innovation challenges on our public miro board. You can choose any of these two to solve for when applying for the open innovation challenge.


Care Continuity Research Report

Download our full research report on the state of care continuity in Costa Rica. There are 6 prioritized areas of opportunity related to critical painpoints in the patient journey, and are ripe for systemic innovation.

Learn more about the problem space and how these challenges were formed in our full reports.


Nuestro Nodo
Costa Rica

Massimo Manzi, Director Ejecutivo de la Cámara Costarricense de la Salud, comparte su visión acerca del estado actual del acceso a la salud en el territorio y el trabajo que se realiza desde Movimiento respecto a este tema.

Working together with

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