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Ready to be a catalyst of the future of healthcare innovation?

We are calling out to all actors, individuals, corporations and institutions who share our purpose and are aligned with our vision to become part of our movement. 

Become our Partner

There are multiple ways in which you can engage with MS2030. We invite you to consider the different roles you can play and the impact that it will have on you individually and/or in your organization and help us map other stakeholders who might want to become part of this great endeavour.

You want to help us build the future by coming up with the solutions, design, develop and implement. 

You want to help us build engagement by bringing new stakeholders and spreading the word about what we do. You are key to build and strengthen our  relationships

You want to be 100% into this initiative. This means you will work together with the core team of MS2030  bringing in your expertise, resources and dedicating your time to build the initiative either locally, regionally or globally

You want to contribute by funding the core activities of MS2030 and/or fund or invest in the solutions that will be designed and implemented in each country

You want to envision the future by bringing in your expertise and collaborating to drive change top-down and bottom-up. You want to participate in round tables, mentor entrepreneurs, and/or build new knowledge. 


Our vision is a future world where all people have access to comprehensive and quality health care. This reality requires overhauling and transforming the health systems in Latin America.

We collaborate with partners across the ecosystem, including subject matter experts, start-ups, health institutions, government ministry, and corporate players, providing an open space to co-create and launch solutions that promote sustainable, people-centered health systems.

Meet Our partners

We promote integrated and collaborative development, bringing together public and private sectors and civil society.