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Camino de los emprendedores

Every country in Latin America faces a  unique set of problems. Therefore, we have taken the 8 opportunity areas and combined them in a way that is tailored them each country, resulting in three specific challenges. These are the starting point for the open innovation challenge. 

We're offering

Attend the 4-week incubation program
Receive expertise and mentorship
Grow your healthcare network and Co-founding
Evaluation Critirea

Evaluation criteria

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 12.47.32

The solution solves the challenge and the entrepreneur understands the problem well.


The solution solves the challenge in a novel or creative way. There are currently no similar solutions on the market.


The solution is designed from empathy, always thinking of people.


The solution creates new and better healthcare systems in place of incremental optimizations of the existing system.


The solution has the potential to scale in Latin America.


Colombia's Open Innovation Process

Colombia's open innovation challenge follow the timeline outlined below. 

Application process open to the public
Development and evaluation of the solution together with partners
Validación de la solución, iteración y planeación del piloto
Linea de proceso-02.png
4-8 weeks
4-8 weeks 
Evaluation (in process)
  • Online application submission

  • Selection process

  • Finalists Announcement

  • Personalization of the program for the selected ones

  • Advice on the development or adaptation of the solution

  • Evaluation with partners and viability of the solution in the market

  • Selection for the next stage

  • Preparation for deployment 

  • Definition of the pilot

  • Business case preparation

  • Be part of the community of health entrepreneurs

  • Start being part of the MS2030 network for the next events

  • Access to content

  • Personalized access to mentors and experts

  • Visibility of events and publications

  • Connection with the LATAM innovation and entrepreneurship network

  • Opportunities to implement the pilot

  • Visibility at the LATAM level

  • Investor access

  • Opportunity to grow your solution at an accelerated pace

[Selection of 3-6 startups]
[Selection of 2-5 startups]
Research Documents
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