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It's time to get in on the action, join The Movement!

We want to tell you what The Movement is about and how you can join it, to generate a real impact with solutions to change health in Latin America, can we count on you?

We know that Latin America faces urgent challenges that represent barriers to health. This includes everything from building deficiencies to the lack of adequate equipment to guarantee access to essential health care and services. However, we know that there is no single solution that fits all countries equally.

We are a collaborative community whose objective is to promote solutions of the health problems of the future.

That is why we decided to create Movimiento Salud 2030, a collaborative community whose objective is to promote those solutions to the health problems of the future, with a vision towards 2030. But we will not do this alone, that is why we need you! Your ideas, your creativity and your initiative are essential for this project to prosper.

Join The Movement

Do you want to generate a real and concrete change? Do you want to redefine the meaning of health in Latin America? The Movement is your place, a space for those people who look beyond what is around them, who want to change the rules of the game to make the world a better place.

If you consider yourself someone innovative, looking for new challenges and you have a lot of ideas that can be useful to improve the health system in Latin America, you can visit our website, complete the form and tell us how you can collaborate with Movimiento Salud. Don't forget to follow our Linkedin profile to be attentive to our news!

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