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Innovación en salud con impacto en los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible. 


My organization is impacting workers in multiple regions. How do I select the region in which to apply?

You are encouraged to select a region where your work is having the greatest impact. If you are unable to select a region based on this criteria, select the region where your organization is headquartered geographically.


I missed the application deadline. Can I still apply?

No, Movimiento Salud cannot accept applications after the application deadline, as the evaluation process will already be underway.


Can I complete the application in a language other than English?

Yes, you can complete the application in English, Portuguese, or Spanish.


Will my application be made public?

Your answers to the “Company” section of the application may be shared publicly.


How will the incubator program work?

The selected companies will enter the incubator program, in which they will collaborate with local institutions in testing their business. The program offers the opportunity to work together with allies of the health system in the implementation, as well as expert advice and support in the development of the solution.

Innovación social en salud apalancada en inversión de impacto

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Emprendiendo en el sistema de salud

Lidereando la disrupción en América Latina a través de la tecnología

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