Costa Rica open innovation challenge

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The Problem

Fragmentation has always been a complex challenge for healthcare systems around the world leading to a lack of continuity of care.

Now more than ever, we need to evolve and Latin America is at the right moments, with a healthcare coverage of almost 100% of the population and an up and coming innovation ecosystem capable of leading the transformation.

Open Innovation Challenge

Every country in Latin America faces a  unique set of problems. Therefore, we have taken the 8 opportunity areas and combined them in a way that is tailored them each country, resulting in three specific challenges. These are the starting point for the open innovation challenge. 


Introducing our challenge

¿Cómo podríamos ayudar a los pacientes y cuidadores a navegar la experiencia, entendiéndola, simplificando trámites y encontrando alternativas

de apoyo financiero, aumentando las posibilidades de que tengan mayor continuidad en la atención y tratamiento de su enfermedad?

We're offering

The three winning teams will enter our 4-week incubation program, a fast-track to launching and scaling their concepts

Attend the 4-week incubation program

Connect with mentors and experts that are dedicated to supporting your vision.

Receive expertise and mentorship

Build relationships with potential clients and stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem.

Grow your healthcare network,



Evaluation critirea

Colombia's Open Innovation Process

Febrero 22, 2021
Marzo 2021
Abril 2021

Colombia's open innovation challenge follow the timeline outlined below. 

View our research documents

Learn more about the problem space and how these challenges were formed in our full reports.

Patient Journey Maps

The Colombia challenge focuses on two critical diseases - breast cancer and multiple sclerosis. We have created patient journey maps from pre-diagnosis through treatment to co-existing with the disease. 

Colombia Innovation Challenges

Read more about each of the three innovation challenges on our public miro board. You can choose any of these three to solve for when applying for the open innovation challenge.

Care Continuity Research Report

Download our full research report on the state of care continuity in Colombia. There are 8 key areas of opportunity related to critical painpoints in the patient journey, and are ripe for systemic innovation.

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