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Costa Rica open innovation challenge

The Problem

Fragmentation has always been a complex challenge for healthcare systems around the world, leading to a lack of continuity of care.
Now more than ever we need to evolve and Latin America is at the right moments, with a healthcare coverage of almost 100% of the population and an emerging innovation ecosystem capable of leading the transformation.

Open Innovation Challenge

Open Innovation Challenge

Based on the focus areas of the health 2030 movement and the areas of opportunity identified for Latin America, we investigated the gaps in the Costa Rican health system and invited locally relevant experts and actors to co-create the challenges of open innovation with us.

Soon know the different challenges where your business can be the solution.

The challenges are focused on improving the patient and healthcare provider experience. If your business is focused on connectivity, accessibility of information or improvement of patient care, the innovation challenge is for you.

Why participate in our program?

We're offering
Develop your idea
Receive expertise and mentorship
Expand your networking

Before applying you have to know ...

Requirements to apply

You can apply with more than one different solution but you must send each one separately.

Make sure that your solution applies to the challenge we are proposing, and explain how it solve it.

You must be able to be established in Costa Rica, it doesnt matter if you are not yet but in case you are selected you must be.

The solution can be an idea, but be aware that you must be able to apply it and execute it from begining to end.


Open Innovation Process


At the moment the applications are closed, leave us your information and be the first to know when the call is open.

Application process open to the public
Development and evaluation of the solution together with partners
Validation of the solution, iteration and planning of the pilot
Linea de proceso 2_Mesa de trabajo 1.png
  • Online application submission

  • Selection process

  • Finalists Announcement

  • Personalization of the program for the selected ones

  • Advice on the development or adaptation of the solution

  • Evaluation with partners and viability of the solution in the market

  • Selection for the next stage

  • Preparation for deployment 

  • Definition of the pilot

  • Business case preparation

Working together with

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