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Be part of the innovation in the health system in

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The problem 

The current health crisis has led us to realize how urgent is the change in our systems all around the world. Chile is not an exception and technology has the potential to challenge the status quo and contribute to a transformation that goes beyond incremental improvements.


The aim of Movement Health 2030 is to have an impact at a system level by bringing all sectors to collaborate. Based on our solution framework, we have taken Data Science and Digital Solutions as a starting point for Chile considering the high growth of technology solutions and the potential for implementation given the institutional interest to increase the use of data in decision making.

How might we transform patients' care through data?

Our solution

Digital data  & Data Science through


We established a partnership between CENS (Centro Nacional de Sistemas de Información en Salud), the INT (Instituto Nacional De Torax), Endeavour and Roche. 


We invited high growth startups to co.create with the network a solution that would not only cover the patient experience but transform as well processes inside the INT. 


An open innovation approach allowed us to develop a solution that can be scalable to similar healthcare institutions.


Round table  2 

Round table 

Meet the entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs worked together with the INT and CENS in the integration of their solutions to impact the overall experience of patients, specialists, nurses, and administrative personnel. The solution is a platform that integrates patients’ data from diagnosis to recovery, creating a constant communication flow that keeps actors connected and contributes to clinical decision-making while reducing administrative tasks.

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Snabb is a technology platform that connects the healthcare offer with the demand, redistributing it based on BI and AI. It provides better opportunity for patients and provides positive incentives to HCPs leading to a better experience for both. It includes telemedicine as well as in-person consult.

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Operational management software that is responsible for delivering tools to health providers in the field, designing systems to analyze and standardize information.

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 Pegassi has developed Healthcare Information Systems based on big data and including ML to support clinical decision-making. It structures and processes clinical and administrative data under the HIIPA, HL7 FHIR standards and it’s available offline by using B-SYNC. This platform detects epidemics in real-time, makes healthcare services more efficient, and increases access for patients.

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It provides artificial intelligence services for the health sector, from the analysis of medical images to improving the access of the health system through chatbots through machine learning.


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