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Be part of the innovation in the health system in

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Movement Health 2030 in Cusco

We are proud of the work we have done in Peru to transform the health system into a more sustainable and people-centered one.

This is why we built the following video, about our achievements in Cusco, where with our strategic ally, Delivery Associates, we developed a collaborative project with the Chamber of Commerce of Peru and the Regional Government of Cusco, which aims to build healthier populations. From today and during the next two days you will be able to learn everything about this project and its results.


In Peru, the 2030 Health Movement developed a project with the objective of co-creating solutions for budget execution.

How do we do it?

After, in his Message to the Nation for the 2020 national anniversary, the Peruvian President announced the increase in funds for Health in the Budget Law, the concern arose: Does increasing resources guarantee a better provision of services?

Captura de Pantalla 2021-02-24 a la(s) 1
Captura de Pantalla 2021-02-24 a la(s) 1
  • Resources allocated to the health sector have never been fully implemented

    • Execution of health spending is 85% on average (Portal of economic transparency of the MEF).


  • More than half of the population depends on the public system to access health (SUSALUD, 2020).


  • The essential rights to guarantee life and health are not equally accessible to all Peruvians.

    • According to the INEI, 78% of citizens were not sure how they would pay for their food during the first quarantine.

    • In total, 11 million citizens do not have access to quality water to drink and wash their hands.

Trabalhamos juntamente a


Trabalhamos juntamente a

The 2030 Health Movement developed the project following a 5-step methodology to generate a report with recommendations and a pilot plan for 2021.

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Trabalhamos juntamente a

  • We determine which are the officials in the structure of the health system who are aware of the problem.

  • We conducted in-depth interviews with 17 senior officials, who are or have been Ministers of State, vice ministers, directors of the sector of both the central government and the regional governments

  • We analyze the most solvent works that have been done on the matter in Peru and Latin America on the matter

  • We cross the information to validate our conclusions

  • We arrive at conclusions, determining the challenges and the consequent recommendations to overcome the problem


Do you want to know our conclusions?

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Trabalhamos juntamente a

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